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· 5 min read
Adnan Rafiq

Ideas Matter Continuous Learning Culture

Adil Najam (Dean, Pardee School of Global Studies, Boston University) gave a talk on topic "Ideas Matter: A reading list for ideas wallahs". He passionately talked about his top 10 books everyone should read, especially folks who are in position of power and ability to influence masses. Focus of his talk was everyone should read books to be the catalyst of real social change & better policy maker.

I would like thank him for bringing immensely valuable topic to the light. My thoughts which are heavily influenced by my recent reading(s) & professionally working as software developer in small to large tech companies in different countries.

Knowledge and problems are two fundamental sources of how human(s) brain emulate idea(s), I guess other species do the same. This raises a fundamental question of how to gain knowledge, since books are an efficient way to store, and communicate knowledge among other modern & innovative ways like audible books, blogs, video and learning from each other etc.